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These seminal photographs by renowned American photographer and long-time Magnum member Bruce Davidson chronicle a pivotal point in American history and document the struggle for racial equality and desegregation.

The help: No subject was too small or insignificant for Davidson, like this seemingly mundane yet poignant scene depicting black nannies caring for white children - scenes from a divided America.

A Young Beauty In Greenwood, Mississippi by The Nite Tripper, via Flickr

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Ferry, Mississippi River, 1960's

Ferry, Mississippi River, 1960's

Biloxi. Howard Avenue and Lameuse street. 1960's

Howard Avenue and Lameuse street.

MISSISSIPPI 1960's  |   Whitney Family, Port Gibson, Mississippi.

Les Photographes et le Blues - Page 3

Civil Rights LUNCH COUNTER SIT-IN, San Antonio, TX (March 21, 1960)

Civil rights Peoples Drug store, Arlington, VA. They closed the lunch counter rather than serve Black students.

Laurel, Mississippi Christmas Parade 1960's

Laurel, Mississippi Christmas Parade 1960's