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Via pinterest (combined shower and tub) Lately I've been thinking about house plans. I have seen so many of them that aren't fabulous and it makes me wonder why there isn't one website where you can go and find the best house plans. Foor plans that would make you weep with joy. This is what I think is missing in the… Continue reading →

Love this for a shower/tub combo although my space may not be wide enough to change direction of tube. Perhaps better for Master bathroom.

Given below are twenty foods which boost up the metabolic rate. But, it is advisable to avoid over- consumption. They might interact with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and other medications, leading to health issues.

Foods which boost up the metabolic rate Read: 20 metabolism boosting foods Read: 5 Reasons that will slow your Metabolism Re.

14 Most Alkaline Foods & Drinks (& Why They are Actually Good for You)

The acid and alkaline food chart! Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline body. Protect yourself now with alkaline rich foods

62 Foods For Digestive Health High In Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and B Vitamins

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Step1. Don’t have extra space for growing your favorite fruit? Making hanging baskets is a great idea to let you have a big harvest on sm...

Strawberries in Small Spaces - Grow sweet strawberry in a vertical PVC tube is great solution for small garden or yard. Vertical planter will save you a lot of space, at the same time keep plants out of reach from garden insect pests.

20 Yoga Poses For Beginners Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

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Veggies-for-Vitality - Natural Healthy Concepts

Your ultimate resources for the best workouts, muscle building, fat loss fitness meal plan;

Emus having a swim at Monkey Mia, West Australia

Emus cooling down at the beach at Monkey Mia, Western Australia! You wouldn't normally see emus in or near the ocean but it's been exceptionally HOT here of late.

A baking quick fix

Of course I've used egg substitutes before in baking, but I just used the flax seeds yesterday and it worked perfectly! What to do if you’re out of eggs — quick fixes to rescue your recipe