Matt Moran

'We built this house four years ago but I did the kitchen first and built everything else around it,' says Moran. - Some great small details visible about MM's own kitchen & appliances.

Marta Dusseldorp

We take a sneaky peek inside the Paddington actor's kitchen cupboards.

Mark Best's ultra minimal kitchen

Kitchen spy: Mark Best Search for 'minimalism' in the dictionary and there ought to be a picture of Mark Best's kitchen.

Katherine Sabbath is inspired by everything from chocolate to coral reefs.

Kitchen spy: Katherine Sabbath Katherine Sabbath, dessert creative, shares her secrets.

Rodney Dunn of The Agrarian Kitchen at Lachlan in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania.

Kitchen spy: Rodney Dunn Rodney Dunn, a former chef and magazine food editor, established a cooking school six years ago in a converted Tasmanian schoolhouse. He shares recipes and stories from the school in The Agrarian Kitchen cookbook.

Cookbook author Kim McCosker in her Brisbane kitchen.

Kitchen spy: Kim McCosker, cookbook author In the kitchen with 4 Ingredients bestselling cookbook author Kim McCosker.

Elvis & Sarah from Porteno

Kitchen Spy: Elvis Abrahanowicz and Sarah Doyle Elvis Abrahanowicz and Sarah Doyle show Stephanie Clifford-Smith around their Sydney kitchen.

Natalie Barr in her Sydney kitchen.

Inside Natalie Barr's kitchen A keen baker who makes her cakes from scratch, Sunrise news presenter Natalie Barr prefers the traditional to the trend-driven and can do almost anything with mince.