This makes me want to send everyone to school every day.  This website has SUCH GREAT LUNCH ideas for kids (and adults).

This makes me want to send lunch to school every day. This website has SUCH GREAT LUNCH ideas for kids (and adults). Please send lunch every day if its gonna b like this!

stars and stripes fruit salad // yum

Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

Use cookie cutters to make a festive Fourth of July fruit salad!or turn it into any other holiday using different cookie cutter shapes and fruit!

Feta & Parmesan Zucchini Bake - Wow!  Perfect as a main dish or a side!

Feta (or motts?) & Parmesan Zucchini Bake medium zucchini or yellow summer squash 2 Tb canola oil 2 Tb minced garlic 2 tsp dried thyme 4 eggs C light sour cream 1 C crumbled feta cheese C fresh parmesan cheese 2 Tb lemon juice salt and pepper

White Peach-Lavender Soda

Emma E. Christensen: Summer Recipe: White Peach-Lavender Soda lookit that divine color!

Peach Lemonade and Vodka Coolers

The Peach Flip - Frozen Peaches, Lemonade & Sprite; Or Peach Lemonade Coolers - Peaches, Lemonade & Vodka.

AVOCADO WITH BELL PEPPERS AND TOMATOe food (from whole living website- they have a lot of great healthy recipe ideas) absolutely yummy beyond words used lemons vs limes had that in freezer and used the lemon zest as well as the juice

Teddy bear toast

Want to have this for breakfast when I'm home! :D Teddy Bear Toast ~ add Nutella or Peanut Butter, Banana Slices and Raisins. For a lunch option, make a sandwich and use peanut butter as the glue for the bananas and raisin decorations.

Fairy Bread....yummo

Roll up fairy bread-perfect for a picnic!Kids birthday party food ideas - recipes for kids birthday parties

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