How To Make 20 Different Paper Flowers

How To Make 20 Different Paper Flowers

Make your own bouquet of beautiful paper flowers. This collection of paper flower tutorials will show you the many different types of flowers you can make!

purple rose

It's made from cardstock, but they have the templates you can copy on your copy machine that are already colored! Then you just cut out the petals and glue them to a wooden skewer with a hot glue gun!

In the Thermomix: Salmon rissoles, love.

Thermomix Salmon Patties

Just like mum used to make! Salmon rissoles made in the Thermomix are simple, easy, healthy and delicious. Make them!

Mum 3D Paper Flowers!

Today I am sharing two Mum Flowers. This is the Large Mum Flower : Tutorial: Cut out all the pieces and pinch the leaves .

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