Itti Bitti Tutto one size cloth nappies

Itti Bitti Tutto one size cloth nappies. my children are far passed the nappy stage but I loved using reusable nappies and itti bitti are fab

2013 Limited Edition Prints

itti bitti 2013 Limited Edition Prints - coming to Lagoon Baby in the New Year!

itti bitti - How to: adjust the size on the bitti tutto nappy / diaper

itti bitti's creative director Sue McLachlan shows you how to customise the soaker pads on your bitti tutto nappy / diaper.

itti bitti Tutto Zeebra

Zeebra Print Itti Bitti Tutto ~ The best cloth diapers in the whole world goes on to the wild side!

itti bitti One-Size Bitti Tutto Cloth Diaper in Ponder

My husband bought me this (and chose it himself!) for my first Mother's Day :)

Aqua Essence - a Limited Edition Print that sold fast!

Aqua Essence - Limited Edition I has this itti bitti nappy in my stash!

luxury minkee wetbags $18.95

Itti Bitti wetbags : my favourite! A Rainbow of minkee wet bags

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