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Everyone knew we were turn it in a Supernatural post!!

A post about moose isn't complete till we get there! Seriously though, moose are HUGE!<<< hahah I knew THIS was going to happen XD

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These 10 Simple Tattoos With sophisticated Meaning must be known if you are planning to get inked anytime sooner. This would surely help you in choosing or customizing any tattoo design.

Best tattoos ideas for women !

Best tattoos ideas for women !

I was laughing cause I just read the post about the outtake headcannon for the destiel kiss (when it happens) and I was laughing then I saw his eyes and immediately stopped and went "oh..."

I definitely do not ship these pairs of eyes together, but that was quite beautiful.<<<< well I definitely DO ship these pairs of eyes together and it IS beautiful

Why so serious Crowley? - Imgur

I love Mark Sheppard. On the scale of Mark Sheppard to Misha Collins how weird are you in photos? <-- I am the Mark Sheppard of all my friends photos lol

i.. never noticed this????

Perfect, not 'perf'. Say the dang word! It's not hard, Per-fect.<<aww did smbody get poked in the non-perf spot? perf, short for perfect, is used to have a different effect dumbass