mossman motel holiday villas - This site was glorious to work on The owner understood the reasons for advanced photography and had specific goals which always helps; It was was an amazing project. The site includes global CDN for best performance and great imagery and main slider for the locale as well as info sections regarding the venue. If you are ever in Mossman THIS is the place to stay as they recently renovated with all modern accompaniments.

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Homeschool Ahoy a unique project the owners sail the pacific. The project was done via email. The design was to mimic boat with navigation like portholes. A slider for interesting imagery. Porthole areas for About | Homeschool | Live aboard | Katsumi - the boat Plus there's the latest blogs as the owner is active. They have unique challenges; homeschooling, teaching them the boat and safety. This is a fantastic site for anyone into sailing, living on a boar or homeschool please check it out.

Cape Trib Hore Rides - This project was great. Got to learn and work with so many things we didn't know about. The old site was fixed and not mobile friendly, the new site obviously is. This was a treat. Online booking is now included and up to 35% decreasing the commission's cost and increasing profit

Noisy Little Kid is Children's Photography studio. We worked with them for a custom website featuring their work.

Real View - The owners wanted and apple looking site Obviously we couldn't copy, but we did come out with a good result. Sadly the owner has moved on to his own drown operation business so the site is shutdown. But our project still remains. The goal was to have an apple like experience which we achieved very well without copying. The owner was very satisfied by final outcome.

Seabean Tapas Bar & Restaurant - After an owner change Seabean looked for a new website. They are very happy and impressed with a we had created for from friends. With their new site they can upload menus, specials and food photography without having to pay us more. They commented on fresh and clean and easy to use the site is and how it matched their rebranding perfectly and they are so happy with it they'd recommend anyone to us.

QT Port Douglas Moonlight Cinema - For the past few years We've bee contracted out to setup the networking and communications for QT Open Cinema. This includes liaising with the cinema partner themselves, telstra, elctricians for cabling and network experts to configure routers and backup connections as the Telstra coverage can be spotty. At one point we liaised with The Sheraton to direct microwave link and bounce the connection off theirs.

Tortilla’s Cocina Mexicana Restaurant is a Local Port Douglas Icon. They needed a web presences to feature their offerings; SWO and Social Media integration were also apart of the project. Also it is a great place to reserver and book to watch the Port Douglas Carnivale. They offer amazing food from mild to super spicy depending on your taste and you can even buy various hot sauces from all over the wold there

Sparky's Widgets is a premier open source hardware development company. The old web site was on an outdated and cumbersome platform to work with. Although they have the skills in house to develop a website they turned to us because their focus is the hardware and software related to it. We worked with them on eCommerce, integration of their development flow into the website and integration of their software and documentation management with ease to the website

Port Douglas Yoga - Top of Site. The owner of the site lost their domain. So we quickly had to acquire a new, rapidly develop a new site, SEO the site so it outranked old domain. This is the top of the page. It features a slider for news and other info as well as four main areas, About | Q&A | About Teachers | Where & When. Tied to google mapping where classes and events are held with direction tool and scheduling for classes and events

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