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Tom Felton 'Against the Sun' bts Drapple is so real :) <<< nah dramione and drarry for life

Lol this must be cute little year Draco << he is not "cute little" no no he is hot as hell

I have taken the House test several times and I always wound up with Gryffindor and Slytherin

honestly dan has one of the most beautiful smile's i've ever seen “ Dan Lambton Photo by Adam Elmakias ”

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Fruit Cones ~ Waffle ice cream cones dipped in chocolate, filled with "fruit" dip and fruit. Place fruit dip bowl in the center and enjoy! * Fruit dip bowl is also a waffle ice cream bowl with the edge dipped in chocolate.

Luke looking at Sloan after calum whispers in his ear about meeting her and her not knowing who they are