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with strange cutomes, candies and pumpkins there is also some hilarious moments at Halloween, below is collection of some really awesome Halloween humor quotes and pictures that will make you LOL

13 NoH Day 12 Leatherface by on @deviantART

Ok horror fans here you go. This is my real take on the chainsaw wielding Texan,Leatherface.

The many faces of Jason Voorhees

2 SIZES 12 Jasons (Many faces of) Jason Voorhees Friday the horror movie slasher poster print signed by Scott Jackson (ltd.

Freddy Krueger funny mask

this would be me right before getting murdered by a big, scary killer

Epic mask and makeup Jason Voorhees cosplay from Friday the 13th. Raise the dead!  - 7 Jason Voorhees Cosplays

Warning: These 50 Horrifying Cosplays Will Give You the Scariest Nightmares Ever!