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N7 vii #masseffect Gorgeous Digital Paintings by muju, an artist from Christmas Island in a dream style

This picture not only shows one of the true Mass Effect veterans, joker, but also brings me back to the final goodbye before the final mission. The party at Commander Shepard's apartment. I saved the group picture from that DLC on to my computer and I look at from time to time to remind me of the best friends I never had. Feels, feels, feels..... Jeff Joker Moreau by ~brinx2

Fan art of Kasumi Goto from ME2, Patryk Olenjiczak does a great job with the character art. I am amazed that he is not working for BioWare.

You have no idea how much I'm screaming.... I can't... I just can't. I'm done screw you BBC and the two who shall not be named I hate you!