Anigozanthos 'Bush Pearl' [ Common Name: Kangaroo-Paw]; Family: Haemodoraceae where can these plants be found.

Anigozanthos 'Bush Pearl' Family: Haemodoraceae Common Name: Bush Pearl Kangaroo Paw.

Wahlenbergia communis | Provincial Plants and Landscapes Native Australian plant

Wahlenbergia communis (Native Bluebell) is a tufted or open perennial herb growing to a height of and spreading It has blue bell shaped flowers on long stems in summer. It is found in all mainland states of Australia

Banksia blechnifolia. From WA and described as being one of the more hardy prostrate banksias, but needs perfect drainage and full sun. Stems will trail over rocks (good). For the rockery in front of the deck.

Banksia blechnifolia is a species of prostrate shrub in the plant genus Banksia. Found in sandy soils in the south coastal region of Western Australia in the vicinity of Lake King, it is non-lignotuberous, regenerating by seed after bushfire

Leucophyta brownii / Cushion Bush

Leucophyta brownii, the silver cushion bush. an Australian native and excellent drought-resistant ground cover

Callistemon Rosy Morn --- For more Australian native plants visit

Callistemon Rosy Morn Callistemon aff pallidus Rose-pink & silver are such an Aussie dawn combo. If you want to echo it in the garden, scatter some Callistemon Rosy Morn amongst other shrubs, o…