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Superwho where Dean is a student with a very odd professor. I really like this. a lot. ican actually picture this being a real thing unlike some superwho stuff.
Totally just watched this episode!
What if a whovian saw it and said "$100 bucks or I tell"
This actually makes sense. I mean, maybe this is why Ten knew exactly how to fall/land, because he learned after falling as the Fourth Doctor. Also, if he did hold off his regeneration, maybe that's why it was so powerful and set the TARDIS on fire. When he regenerated as the Ninth Doctor and the first time as the Tenth Doctor, his regenerations weren't as powerful.
This always hurt. Not just with Rose or the Ponds, but with all of his companions. They all meant so much to him in so many ways but when they leave for good all he has are his memories, some faded, some just as fresh as if they just happened. What he wouldn't give for Susan, a solved equation from Adric, Rose's kiss, Martha's confidence, or Donna's sass. He would give the universe for a hug from the Ponds.
Jack gets his own category//Jack needs his own catagory. Also, about the Doctor's sexuality, I always thought it would be fluid. I mean if you can literally change gender without warning at any point in your life, I imagine you would be bisexual
Superwholock. "Jim sends his Love." <- That is just... JFIEHWIV
I miss Bobby.
Martha Jones leaving. She doesn't get as much credit as she deserves. She was a great strong female character, with good development.