Craig Brown
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Suit cases which can store all your gear.

Switchblade Sea Kayak Ready to Go anywhere easily.

2 halves of a Switchblade in bags

Half a Switchblade Kayak in a bag

switchblade Kayak - Google Search

switchblade Kayak - Google Search

Kayak Switchblade,Sectional Kayak

Switchblade 17ft sectional modular sea kayak ready to travel. It can be wheeled as shown or carried as two separate suitcase size bags. Because of the hollow space in each piece you can carry all your gear in it just like a suitcase. So Your kayak becomes your suitcase!

Switchblade 17ft sectional modular sea kayak nested down to two pieces which are much easier to store and travel with. These two pieces fit on the back seat of your car.