Golden Penda (Xanthostemon chrysanthus) Flowers & leaves

The Gum Trees are so numerous in varieties and the blossoms so very beautiful.Photgraphed in Brisbane, Australia.

can we get some eucalypts in the back yard without messing up the style too much?

‘Red Ironbark’ Greeting Card by YouBeaut Designs

Hakea cinerea - Ashy-leaved Hakea, Ashy Hakea - © All Rights Reserved - Black Diamond Images

Hakea cinerea ( Ashy-leaved Hakea) is a species of shrub in the Proteaceae family. It is native to Australia, like all of the 150 species in the genus. Specifically, it is endemic to Western Australia,

Night blooming cereus flower

Night-blooming Cereus flower - my grandma had one of these, and it bloomed the very night we came to town.

Ginger flower - Available for Scottish brides in February. Contact The Stockbridge Flower Company for more details.

ginger flower-reminds me of the fragrant ginger leis in Hawaii Checkout for survival tips

eucalyptus supports healthy lung function

The Lung Cleansing Benefits of Eucalyptus

Ultimissime dall'orto: gli eucalipti che cercano l'acqua e trovano l'oro

Eucalyptus Flower

There are hundreds of species of Eucalyptus, most of which are native to Australia. The flowers on this particular species are a brilliant red color. Photographed at the UCSC Arboretum in Santa Cruz, California.