Lose coperta

A very light but compact wool gauze for Lose blanket.

Indian Hand-Woven Throws. Oatmeal and Ivory. Wool and Raw Silk

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Indian Handwoven Throw, Light Blue, Beige and Ivory, Wool and Raw Silk

Modern Pillows And Throws, Pillows & Throws, Light Blue, Textiles, Ivory, Indian, Wool, Silk, Antiques

Embroidered Afghani Throw

Nid throw

Nid plaid is a waffle weave wool throw where you can feel the three-dimensional look of the fabric.

Nid blanket

Nid Blanket, Nid is a “classic” Society Limonta blanket, made in waffle weave pure wool.

Multi throw in alpaca

Blankets and throws


Blankets and throws

Lose blanket

Blankets and throws

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