Abandoned palace in Poland. What an amazing staircase

Abandoned palace in Poland. I want a spiral staircase with all that ironwork somewhere in my dream house. Love stairs like that

Thailand's White Temple Is So Beautiful It's Unreal.

Wat Rong Khun buddhist temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. I need to plan out things to do while in Thailand!

Aged with beauty - Abandoned rusty ships - Topple at Rest

♂ Aged with beauty - Abandoned rusty ships - live on the beach and restore, set sail with the one that I should be with.

Ballybunion Castle, Ireland.

Ballybunion Castle, Ireland.

Ballybunion Castle, County Kerry, Ireland - overlooking the mouth of the Shannon River, was built in the century and destroyed in the Desmond Wars, an Irish uprising against English rule - All that's left is the east wall.

Mystery by I wouldn't call this Morrigan. More like the scarlet woman, the whore of Babylon or Lilith. But who's to say they aren't all the same demi goddess

"Walking with crows. Badh is the crone aspect of the triple goddess the Morrigan. She teaches us to meet and accept our fate. Life is seen as including many paradoxes so death rests as a valid process within the cycle.