Cynthia Rahme
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Lesson Plans & Lattes: Ten Pin LInky: Classroom Management. Oohhh could laminate and put in calming spot with a white board market! Love having students reflect and this is a good one!
Edible Bubble Science With Apples!
Shape Poems- Teaching shapes through songs and poems is a good way to promote literacy skills for your child.
The Fifth Watches // @grettarose
Students wear sticker all day and are referred to by classmates as the answer (in this case, Mr. 32).
The "Why do we need sunscreen?" Experiment - I Can Teach My Child!
Engineering activities for kids that will get their brains and bodies moving! Build a catapult, construct PVC pipe creations, or design a fort!
When you give children the chance to build harder #shapes, they often can surprise you!
That is fantastic and simple! We could build some pretty great sculptures using these. Love it! "Paper cube sculptures"
Ideas for contraction play- with tubes and cd discs- Interaction Imagination blog ≈≈