Matt Black

<b>The New Yorker Photo Booth: <i>Guerrero and the Disappeared</i></b><br>A family in El Chuparosa, Guerrero. When rain poured through their roof, the father said, “The house is crying.

Matt Black

Interview with documentary photographer Matt Black

Matt Black

Matt Black's photographs from the Central Valley of California.

A self-defense group. Apantla, Mexico.

A self-defense group. — People of Clouds, Matt Black

Matt Black

Sisters empty their family's corncrib.

Matt Black's work has explored the connections between migration, poverty, agriculture, and the environment in his native rural California and in southern Mexico.

— Kingdom of Dust, Matt Black

Matt Black MEXICO. Cochoapa el Grande, Guerrero. 2012. After a party.

Matt Black’s portraits of life in Guerrero, Mexico, since the forty-three students went missing.

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