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I should probably not you the Internet as often as I do
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i love how garnet picks peridot up like she’s baby simba. the circle of life and death and love and birth continues~>>>Are we not going to talk about the Yellow Diamond Giraffes?

print midi skirt, christmas party skirt, thanks giving skirt, xmas skirt

stylist: i have a slight obsession with midi skirts and would love to drown my…

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o wow it's me (addition: pronouncing words wrong, like 'nope' as 'nup' or 'fandom' as 'fondoom')

GUYS IT WORKS!!! ohmygosh totally buying something from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D or Dr. Who or Sherlock :)

GUYS IT WORKS! ohmygosh totally buying something from Agents of S. Who or Sherlock :)<< time to try this out

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enjolraz: “matt lookin way too chill ”

matt lookin way too chill<<< especially since he sees things on fire all the time

We're obsolete.

This chocolate milk savant: