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When it comes to survival kit’s designed to pack as much gear in a small space as possible, a checklist just doesn’t cut it! That’s why we created the Ultimate EDC survival Kit IN…

Native Americans used a Dakota fire hole to hide cooking fires from their enemies. Turns out that these small pits also consume less wood while burning.

Building a Fire: Essential Survival Skill

How to Build a Campfire - one of the many DIY tips from 22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping!


How to Build a Cold Weather Survival Debris Hut- I have built one before with friends, they are extremely effective.If you backpack you should know how to build one of these!

How to fell a tree and split the logs.

How to fell a tree and split the logs. But ensure you take health and safety precautions.

Choosing the Best Firewood | Common Firewood Types, along with their Benefits and Drawbacks | Outdoor Survival Skills, check it out at http://survivallife.com/choosing-the-best-firewood/

A little bit of a wacky site that had a gun giveaway when I clicked on the link. This is definitely useful to find the wood that you'll use to roast the decapitated zombies that litter your lawn. Standing in fire, bad.