Love thai beef salad

Thai beef salad

Warm Thai Beef Salad recipe: This aromatic Asian salad combines lemony-flavoured coriander leaves with cool cucumber, refreshing mint and rare beef.


Asian-style chicken salad

Asian-style chicken salad Take salads to the main event with this healthy chicken salad with an Asian twist.


Balsamic chicken and white bean salad

If you, like me, are starting a diet today, try this super healthy, low kilojoule salad. Dont worry - it tastes good too!

Great for leftover chook

Chicken peanut salad

Roast chook is given an international twist in this crunchy, colourful salad that& so easy to make and low-fat, too.

Great for lunched

Vegetable and chickpea fritters

Chickpea and Fennel Patties - Golden-brown, low-fat chickpea fritters are perfect as a vegetarian starter or as part of the main meal.

LOVE haloumi

Asparagus and haloumi salad

"Salty haloumi is pan fried until golden brown and served on a bed of asparagus in this elegant dish. I cooked the asparagus and the haloumi in some lemon olive oil, then drizzled lemon juice over the top.


Chicken scaloppini with ham and spinach

Here is the good news for those of us who are watching our weight - this family favourite recipe has been adapted to be low-fat and low-kilojoule.Here is the good news for those of us who ar

Low carb... But high fat :(

Chorizo sausage with corn salsa and avocado


Lamb, beetroot, walnut and bean salad

The crisp flavours of this lamb steak salad are just perfect for the summer weather.

Yummy healthy Caesar salad

Chicken and bacon pita salad

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