Sunken bed...

bed interior design floor bed bedroom furniture interior design sunken bed into floor hidden heating and storage space architecture

Bigger Harvest / Creative Packaging PD

Bigger Harvest

A Bigger Harvest Packaging - You’re probably wondering why these fruits have been dressed up like vegetables. Well, A Bigger Harvest packaging combines two Chinese tradit.

Corian + Missoni bathroom

Combining the colorful style of Missoni and the multiple application possibilities of Corian in the shower - the floor, wall and ceiling become a seamless riot of colour.

Love this "count on me" chair! {by Eva Korae}

Don't know how much you'd want to sit on it. But it'd be a hell of a conversation starter. Count On Me abacus chair from SEKS designed by Eva Korae

Ok this is a little over the side, I mean top! Amazing chair.

1 - Lila Jang's Canape Top 10 Weird and Interesting Products No. 1 - Lila Jang's Canape This sofa gives new meaning to climbing the walls. The piece designed by Lila Jang was recently part of an exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris.

Sensational Interesting Design and Feeling with mood Rocking Bed

What's better than a rocking chair.a rocking bed. Mood Rocking Bed for Welcoming Summer Indoors and out.

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Konstantin Slawinski Multi Portion Cake Tin - allows you to bake a cake for various appetites. There is always someone who wants just a tiny sliver and someone who wants a big slice. This silicone cake tin makes a cake of fifteen different sized slices!

Udderly cool design milk jug

Heffer Pitcher Udderly irresistible and delightful gift, both on the giving and receiving ends. Clever double walled glass design pours milk, non-dairy creamer and more as if it came straight from the cow-- only, literally, much cooler.

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