Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott poses for a photo in his Sydney office on Sunday.

Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters

Tony Abbott with Bronwyn Bishop

Tony Abbott with Bronwyn Bishop

Tony Abbott finalises incoming cabinet

The Clayton PM and Minister for Women's affairs.

Netanyahu congratulates Abbott on win

The territorial flashpoints making South East Asia a hotbed of international tensions

Prime Minister elect Tony Abbott congratulates armed forces for 'extra professionalism'

TONY Abbott has met with Defence officials for his first briefing from the department since being elected into government on Saturday.

Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop.

There's no skirting it: Abbott is helping deny women a voice

Tony Abbott with wife Margie and daughters Louise, Bridget and Frances.

Tony Abbott says his daughters do not plan to leave the family fold until they are married. Clearly, the decision relates to the family's proud Catholic values.

Tony Abbott claims victory and says Australia is 'open for business'

TONY Abbott has declared the nation "open for business" once again, vowing to lead a competent and trustworthy government for all Australians.

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