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Additionally the hair looks similar to how I imagine the bat character's hair as a human.

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omg<<<new favorite color<<<< green is such a controversial colour it is badass yet it is not creative

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We are already in 2016 but I don't fucking care this is genius

My school has a program to take care of and fix all the strays, the other day there was a missing poster for one of them. She hadn't been seen in her usual spot, there was a pic and a number to call if you saw the cat

21 People Who Forgot A Word And Just Made Some Shit Up- This also reminds me of what my Grandmother told me. Her father was preaching in China and got a few words mixed up. I don't know what it was meant to be but said "I've got a pig on my head"

and it really happened! (At least, I choose to believe it did.)>>>>I laughed so hard!