23 Amazing Ways To Eat A Baked Potato For Dinner. This would be a good idea for a party too. Have a bake potato bar with all different toppings, etc.

Mama's Best Pizza Dough

Mama’s Best Pizza Dough AKA One Dough To Rule Them All

Mama's Best Pizza Dough 3 c. “warm water” (see tip below) 2 Tbs. salt 6 – 7 c. flour: Made enough for 2 pizzas and very think/fluffy dough

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Recipe on sallysbakingaddiction.com Complete with step-by-step photos and tons of tips and tricks!

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Here’s how to make authentic-tasting Chicago deep dish pizza. Complete with the buttery crust, slightly sweet tomato sauce, and a thick layer of cheese. One of the few things I miss about my time in Detroit- amazing Chicago style pizza.

Chicken Curry Soup

Chicken Curry Soup

Chicken Curry Soup: coconut milk in place of cream. poached boneless/skinless thighs in chix broth, carrots, and onion & used this seasoned broth for the soup base. (tip: naan isn't that great.

A 'like new' Thermomix - baking powder vinegar.

A 'like new' Thermomix - baking powder & vinegar clean.

ThermoFun – Mars Bar Fudge Recipe | ThermoFun | MAKING DECADENT FOOD AT HOME

ThermoFun – Mars Bar Fudge

ThermoFun Mars Bar Fudge Recipe milk chocolate (or milk and dark – the dark choc will tone down the sweetness) Mars Bars sliced (frozen) 1 can condensed milk or make it yourself!


7-Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge

Green Banana Cream Smoothie Healthy Smoothie Meal Plan /// I'm Drinking The Day 1 Smoothie Right Now.

I often get asked on my ThermoFun facebook page what new owners should have in their pantry and fridge. This is a list of what ThermoFun likers on facebook suggested to have in stock to allow you to make endless variations of meals and snacks when you first get your Thermomix.

ThermoFun Thermomix Pantry Essentials

ThermoFun - Suggested Pantry/Fridge Items for Thermomix Owners - ThermoFun

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