Chicken With Camembert Sauce |

A creamy succulent Camembert sauce that will have you licking your fingers and begging for more.

Satay Chicken |

Satay Chicken - used tomato paste, more peanut butter and coconut cream (didn't have milk) and less soy sauce. Added carrots and red capsicum and it was delicious!

BBQ Plum Chicken |

A lovely Asian flavouring for chicken pieces (or fillets)

More 4 Me Chicken Wings |

More 4 Me Chicken Wings

More ideas
Chicken adobo |

Dark chicken thigh meat is cooked in a rich soy sauce, garlic, and vinegar mixture, then tossed on the grill until crisp. Serve over rice.

Chicken a la King |

A really delicious and creamy meal that's so easy to prepare. Lots of gravy to sop up with your mash, rice or pasta.

Spicy Thigh Casserole |

Chicken thighs in a flavour packed slow cooked casserole!