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Levenger Nantucket iPad Stand - Feel like an artist using the Levenger Nantucket iPad Stand, a prop that mounts your tablet like a painter's easel.   The wooden stand lets yo...

The Nantucket iPad Lifter offers a tilted vertical platform for your iPad so you can view it and work on it laptop-style. Also works beautifully as a document stand.

This design is cool because it has an adjustable stand that folds down to hide away. I could implement this because the book stand I will put on the product needs to be adjustable and needs to hide away at the same time.

Use dog holes in workbench with dogs (wood dowel?) and wood boards in back for elevation to get same effect with art board.

How to Shoot in Manual Mode.

Photography 101 for Have you used manual Mode on your camera and was disappointed by the results? Here is a nice cheat sheet to help you out!

Free photography class. Learn what aperture, ISO and shutter speed mean and how to take better pictures.

Fabulous tutorial on the basics of digital photography. Each post is a new lesson w/ an activity to help you learn how to use your DSLR camera! Perfect for Nikon or Canon owners. So excited to find this!

Photography Basics: the No. 1 cheat sheet for metering and exposure

Photography Basics: the No. 1 cheat sheet for metering and exposure Digital Camera World - shows various histograms and explains them

Sunny 16 rule apertures and lighting conditions on a Samsung Galaxy phone case. Set shutter speed closest to the film speed. By Alessandro Arcidiacono