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Deus nos ares , Mulher na terra

Black and Grey Wing Sleeve by Christopher Noogin | Seattle Ink & Oil

Black and Grey Wing Sleeve by Christopher Noogin

tree tattoo arm

forest themed arm tattoos - Freaking love this!

Skull smoke arm sleeve tattoo

For Jeff: Skull smoke arm sleeve tattoo

by Matteo-Pasqualin on  |  Being from Manchester meself (not a typo!) I can't see myself having a tattoo of London... I'm just kidding Southerners. But this is quite possibly one of the most striking pieces I've seen. The photographic quality is what appeals to me. I'm beginning to think I have a multiple personality when it comes to the kinds of tattoos I like. Right now, I'm thinking Sherlock Holmes (Ah, Dr. Watson, put the kettle on, hey what).

Matteo Pasqualin is a tattoo artist based in Porto Viro Veneto, Italy. Check out 10 Most Impressive Tattoos By Matteo Pasqualin.

Badass sleeve by Andy Blanco. More

Badass sleeve by Andy Blanco.

Finished up this piece for a client of mine! Can't wait to tattoo it! #blindfoldedladyjustice #blindfolded #ladyjustice #scale #librascale #sculpture #arts_help #artsanity #artistdrop #Proartists #sketch_daily #spotlightonartists #blvdart #artistmafia #worldofartists #worldofpencils #bnginksociety

epic perspective shot of lady justice

Arm Tattoo Horror Scary Blood

Totally in love met de donkere stoere / horror look.

Wow! Scary tattoo. Great artwork.

(The illusion of light) evenings dark artist spotlight is sponsored by . Artist IG: With an impressive dark piece

An absolutely magical sleeve tattoo. You can definitely feel the magic from where you are just by looking at the design. The girl seems to have found something interesting as the sun’s rays hit her fingers and small dust particles begin moving around her hands.

A fantastic b&g tattoo by Iwan Yug. Really like the backlighting effect.