Double happiness lamington muffins: Karen Martini's yummy lamington muffins are sure to be a hit at your place.

karen martini ~ double happiness lamington muffins We make these cakes all the time minus the choccie tops etc ~ we serve them as coconut cakes with homemade caramel sauce ~ they are heavenly

Make your own garam masala from Good Food by Karen Martini

Making your own spices: Garam masala. Plus a lamb dish I'm adding to my list of meals to make!

Karen Martini's braised lamb stew with barley and vegetables <a href=""><b>(RECIPE HERE).</b></a>

Braised lamb stew with barley and vegetables / Karen Martini winter warmer

Cheaper cuts of meat were popular: Karen Martini's braised lamb neck with white wine, tomato and oregano. <a href=""><b>(Recipe here).</b></a>

Good Food is your essential companion to eating out, eating in and everything in between.

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