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Marie's mango and prawn summer salad

Mangos and prawns are the perfect partners and go so well in this fresh salad.

Chocolate and honeycomb ice-cream cake with hot fudge sauce

We think we’ve found the ultimate dessert — this one that combines biscuits, ice-cream, chocolate and hot fudge sauce all in one!

No-bake chocolate tarts

This rich chocolate tart is surprisingly easy to make for such an indulgent dessert.

Chocolate nougat ice cream

French Onion Chicken Hot Pot

An easy, healthy and very yummy chicken dish. Kids love this dish, vegetables and all.

Serve dessert in an edible chocolate bowl! this idea lots less washing  ,

How Balloons Reinvent The Experience Of Ice Cream

Rocky road brownie

Create these brownies that are topped with all the goodness of rocky road - chocolate, marshmallow and raspberry lollies.

Choc peppermint brownie