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For my husband from our girls * need to do this for Father's Day

"Walk With Me, Daddy" poem keepsake. This poem I wish I could I have sent to my daddy but as sad as it is he's not here for me to send it to him but I know he hears me and he knows I wish him a happy Father's Day. Rest in paradise daddy I love you

Glowing picture candles

Glowing Photo Luminaries - These would be cute with family holiday photos (that Christmas Card Pic sent out each year grouped together)

How to Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner - So cool!!! Step by step instructions and the post has a video too.

Have you heard of fidget spinners? Originally introduced as a fidget tool for kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, they have exploded in popularity with kids everywhere! My boys heard about them from neighbor kids and wanted one of their own, so we

Faux stained glass created from acrylic paint and glue. To make the project even more challenging, have your students draw their own patterns.

Faux stained glass created from acrylic paint and school glue! Plus clear glue, clear acrylic spray sealant, craft knife & optional craft knife. Or could use stain glass paint from craft store.

A delicious, healthy Raw Coconut Rough recipe free from all dairy and refined sugars. Super easy to make.

Summary: What is raw food diet? Thrust of any raw food diet is usually on the consumption of unprocessed as well as the plan based organic food.

Low carb pie crust recipe| Gluten free crust recipe | clean eating pie crust | coconut crust recipe | almond coconut flour pie crust

Easy, crispy, blender coconut crust, NO FAIL simply put everything in a blender and it is ready ! Not sure what kind of filling would work for Keto, but I'm looking!