Planting a garden you can eat

Planting a small vegetable and herb garden with your child gives them a chance to experience the sensation of soil on their hands.

Great Start > Setting up a fish tank

Once you have decided that as a family you are going to keep fish, go to the pet shop together to choose the type

Jumping over puddles

It’s raining it’s pouring, everything’s wet and boring… The weather has changed and winter has arrived.

Where did all the green go?

Where did all the green go?

Great Start > Moving with maths

When you and your child are playing outside see how many different ways can you move your body. How many jumps

Great Start > Planting a seed

Before planting the seed read the instructions on the packet with your child. As you read the instructions point out the different symbols that


As the seasons change the weather will change and we will see changes happening to the plants and trees in the garden.

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