What is the weather today?

Rain, snow or shine.help your kids enjoy playing outdoors - The Sports Parenting Podcast

Travelling in the lift

Great Start > Travelling in the lift

Great Start > Timetables

If you are going on a bus, train or tram look up the timetables with your child before you go. Talk about how you

Reading a map

Before leaving the house to travel somewhere find your location on a map and identify where you want to go. Plot the best route

Great Start > Where are we going?

If you have a street directory see if you can find where you live on the map for your suburb.

Great Start > Walking to post a letter

Next time you have a letter to post walk with your child to the postbox. Before you go predict what you might see along

A trip to the beach

There are many different activities that you can do at the beach and talking to your child about what they would like to do

Great Start > What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

Nice accessories old and new. Collectible watches are always in style.

Look, up in the sky!

Look, up in the sky - what can you see? Take some time to encourage your child

On the tram

We went to visit the city one day and caught a tram along the way. What do you think we noticed that day?

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