Cecilia May Gibbs MBE (Australian,1877-1969),  Wattle Babies.

"Wattle Babies", Sydney: Angus Robertson Illustrations by Australian May Gibbs. These may be "wattle babies" to you, but to me they're gumnut fairies!

Hill End Gold Mine 1872, NSW, Australia

In the early rich gold discoveries rapidly turned Hill End from a small…

The Dingo Fence - longest fence in the world.

The Dingo Fence kilometres - longest fence in the world. from Surfers Paradise Queensland to the Great Australian Bight in South Australia

Blue Fields by Simon Butterworth.  The Shark Bay Salt Works in Useless Loop, Western Australia.

At first, these beautiful blue images look like paintings. But these images are actually of the Shark Bat Salt Works along Useless Loop (gotta love Aussie names) in Western Australia.via LAEM

“For a subtle smokey bush brew it’s got to be Campfire brew” In Australia, the billy has come to symbolise the spirit of exploration of the outback. To boil the billy most often means to make tea. "Billy Tea" is the name of a popular brand of tea available since 1888.

Billy tea tin that depicts a swagman who meets a travelling kangaroo

Lindt, J.W. (John William), 1845-1926. Two swagmen resting beneath a tree, Australia, ca. 1887 [transparency]

Two Swagmen resting beneath a tree during their travels of Australia. Photo taken by John William Photo shared by the National Library of Australia, [transparency] .

a bush humpy, Australia, ca. 1887

King, Henry, Man stroking a cat whilst sitting outside a bush humpy…

Australian Icon: Lamingtons Yummy!

Australian Icon: Lamingtons If you found Vegemite a bit challenging, you will…