chew able cheeks? she seems quite reserved this one; in a sort of ways. Hollie used to say all the time that she was not like the others inside of her natural self. but conformative for comfort. happy for experience and uninterested in falling into the abyss of sniderly. no doubt capable of it in defence of herself but not confrontational. and quite attractive.

the photograph snapped half a second late. but i think a good likeness from what you show me.

off the line; means no return. one must take the steps to return to the line ones self, for it would have been because of ones activities and slight of hands which  saw one removed.

love you J x x

love you J x x [she's not happy.

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not every soul wishes to be seen. but their actions and examples are definitely heard.

your answer my love.

love you J x x

tailor or tiler. episodic.

tailor or tiler

x x i love you j