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What Happens When You Eat Without Washing Your Hands? The Results Will Shock You

Hand washing lesson with three slices of bread and three bags; controlled=gloves, clean hands=wash hands first, dirty hands=every student touches bread; seal and wait.

Ant Craft - A Bug's Life Movie Night - Disney Movie Night - Family Movie Night

small Group Objective: Given purple construction paper circles the child will glue them in a line to form the ant's body. Goal: To develop fine motor skills.

My toddler and I have been learning all about apples this week and we made this simple Cupcake Liner Apple Tree Craft to along with all the fun books we’ve been reading. They are so easy and fun to make! HOW TO MAKE A CUPCAKE LINER APPLE TREE CRAFT Supplies you will need: light blue …

Cupcake Liner Apple Tree Craft Use green Cupcake Liners to make this cute Apple Tree Craft for kids. A great fall kids craft or for an apple theme. Want fantastic helpful hints regarding arts and crafts?