This STEM challenge includes both an engineering challenge and sheets for students to work out the median, mean, range and mode in the context of creating a flag pole that raises the Olympic flag the highest. Students are asked to both record and graph their results. 10 pages for $2.95!

STEM Olympic Raising the Flag: An Engineering and Math Challenge - Designed by Teachers

his Mental Maths Sort Strips is a pack of 50 sorts. Each 10 sorts get progressively harder and is colour coded to avoid mixed up strips. Concept covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and more. 51 pages for $5!

Mental Maths Sorting Strips- Upper - Designed by Teachers

This decimal pack consists of five puzzle worksheets with answers to help consolidate the explicit teaching of how to add, subtract decimals and also equivalent decimals to fractions. 12 pages for $2.50!

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This STEM activity is a great group activity for your students. It combines both engineering and statistics. The students need to work together to complete the challenge given. 10 pages for $2.95!

STEM Marble Roller Archery: An Engineering and Math Challenge - Designed by Teachers

In this real world activity students run a small (pretend) business where they buy supplies from a wholesaler and then sell them. They fill in financial plans and have to calculate their earnings. Students practice multiplication, addition, subtraction, financial plans, fractions, chance, data, probability and estimation in this fun activity. 10 pages for $3.50!

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This is the perfect task for students to test learnt strategies and use their problem solving skills. It is a multi-step task that should keep the whole class busy and engaged, using a real life situation. The budget is set tightly so the students need to work hard at adjusting costs.

Home :: Subjects :: Professional Development :: Casual Teachers :: Budgeting, problem solving task.

This Financial Planning set is great for any classroom looking at financial planning and can be used for a display or an activity. The colour arrows show the features of financial planning with basic definitions. The stars show the conventions. 9 pages for $2!

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Economics Posters is a great collection of posters for use when teaching economics. Each poster is on its own page so you can print A4, A3 or B4. It contains a range of commonly used economics posters with definition, examples and pictures. 13 pages for $3.50!

Economics Posters- Great for HASS - Needs, Wants, Consumers, Producers and