Kangaroo Paw

There are few flowers that offer as much vivid color, distinctive form and unusual texture as kangaroo paws. Anigozanthos (pronounced an-ih-go-zan-thos) or more commonly known as “K-Paws” produce clusters of wooly tubular blossoms that do indeed resemble kangaroo toes. The size of the flowers, stem length and color vary depending on the species and cultivar.
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My photo for the day, some Kangaroo Paw flowers from my garden. I love how bright and fuzzy they are

Pink Joy

Anigozanthos 'Bush Pearl' Family: Haemodoraceae Common Name: Bush Pearl Kangaroo Paw.

Kangaroo Paw Manglesii

Anigozanthos manglesii [Family: Haemodoraceae], commonly known as the Red-and-green Kangaroo-paw or Mangles Kangaroo-paw, is a plant species endemic to Western Australia, and the floral emblem of that state.

Maroon Kangaroo Paw #CaGrown #AmericanGrown

Maroon Kangaroo Paw #CaGrown #AmericanGrown

Black & Green Kangaroo Paw #CaGrown #AmericanGrown

Green and Black Kangaroo Paw from Resendiz Brothers.

Yellow Kangaroo Paw

Yellow Gem - Kangaroo Paws - Flowers and Fillers - Flowers by category

Tango Blush Kangaroo Paw #CaGrown #AmericanGrown

Tango Blush Kangaroo Paw #CaGrown #AmericanGrown

Simple but Elegant!

Little modern centerpieces of green orchids, fern and kangaroo's paw. Something like this could be fun in your mix of green vases. We don't have to use orchids, could use spider mums.

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