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Arcee by *AuroraLion on deviantART

Arcee by *AuroraLion on deviantART she was such a strong female character on Transformers: Prime and it made me happy.

Arcee - Transformers Movie

Why did they never bring her back for the movies?

One of my favorite Transformers of all-time... Soundwave and his cassette minions.

so here is the color verson of the soundwave. i thank my man espen for being able to color this. again, this will be one of the new prints i have at bot.

Transformers Prime human Soundwave by fayrenpickpocket on DeviantArt.

Soundwave by on @deviantART

Bayformers Drift My design fan art by GoddessMechanic on deviantART<<<umm.this is Bayverse Soundwave.