conflictingheart: “ 10 Alpacas with Hilarious Hair Some animals have gorgeous hair, like the pristine mane of a quarter horse. But what about the alpaca? Alpacas are funny looking animals with their.

Shear madness: Hairstyle dos and don'ts for alpacas - Pets

Most people have heard of the alpaca. What they don't know is that alpacas have the most glamorous hair in the whole animal kingdom. It doesn't make any sense. I wish my hair were as glamorous as the alpaca's.

Shear madness: Hairstyle dos and don'ts for alpacas - Animal Tracks.This is so funny.

The Austrian alpacas given retro hairstyles at their annual shave. The annual alpaca shearing is a ritual on the Austrian farm of Alpaca-Land. The alpacas were given stylish new looks by Carina and Erwin Stadler on the farm near in Goeming, nea

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