Modern house numbers. Wood backing slats are made from paint stir sticks that you get free from your paint store.

DIY House Number Plaque made from paint stir sticks. An easy way to add curb appeal to you home!

Do visit the board to see all the images of Leopoldina Haynes Garden! This is only one of many fantastic views. I adore the olive trees and yes, they will grow in London!

Courtyard: for planter along courtyard - bench seating and olive trees by Claire Mee Garden Design

Rustic modern outdoor space

Rustic modern outdoor space most divine area with two levels. Love the bamboo type cane chairs and rustic wooden steps pallet coffee tables and rustic lanterns

Love. This.


The compact home has 1 bedroom and a loft in 950 sq ft.The Blue House


Tropical Tree-House paradise [+Homes +Tree House +Architecture +Bedroom +Design]

Casa Chipicas / Alejandro Sánchez García Arquitectos / architecture / house / nature

Gallery of Chipicas Town Houses / Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos - 12

Live among the trees - Chipicas Town Houses / Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos