Autistic Spectrum Disorder

I'm hoping that this can become a place for us to share information about ASD, & tips for coping with some of the issues we face as parents, siblings, children of those with ASD. I don't know if you can invite people to this board. If you'd like someone invited but can't do it, let me know & I'll invite them. Also, if you'd prefer not to be involved but can't remove yourself, let me know & I'll delete you. This is just a test to see if we an use Pinterest in a way that benefits a select group.
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Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD | Psychology Today

A disease called childhood : why ADHD became an American epidemic / Marilyn Wedge.

Unseen agony: Dismantling autism's house of pain —

Nick Ogonosky brings painterly marks to stricter, geometric forms, with other nicely gritty textures. With this approach, he manages to add a nice layer of atmosphere to his editorial illustrations.

This aspect of autism is all too real for some families — but Joey’s parents handle it like pros. | The Autism Site Blog

How to Make Your Church Autism-Friendly: Autism is Not Always Cute

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) | Raising Children Network

Dietary guidelines in pictures: toddlers

Girls and autism - All In The Mind - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Most people tend to think of autism as a male disorder, the character in the film Rain Man often comes to mind. But emerging research shows that girls often have different symptoms which cause them to slip through the net.

THINKING PERSON'S GUIDE TO AUTISM: Autistic Grief Is Not Like Neurotypical Grief

A picture model showing (in part) why meltdowns happen in people affected by ASD versus Neurotypical and Gifted/ASD versus Neurotypical.

Girls may be better at hiding autism spectrum disorder than boys, a study suggests.

One foster parent told Fairfax Media he believed any cutbacks in visits with biological parents were harmful to childrens' psychological wellbeing.

Leaky filter leads to motion perception problem in autism —

Leaky filter leads to motion perception problem in autism

4 Tips for When Children With Autism ‘Shut Down’ | The Mighty

4 Tips for When Children With Autism ‘Shut Down’

I Had No Idea That Life on the Spectrum Is Like THIS! Totally Changed My Perspective | The Autism Site Blog

Addicting Info – Conservative Asks Newspaper About Their ‘Liberal Agenda’ And The Answer Is Amazing!

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