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Nice to know there are people with a sense of humor like mine :) pinned for Leah M.

funny street signs I don't know who this dog is or why he's banned from this park but he seems like a lot of fun

Sign language for deaf dogs. TIP: always teach hand signals with vocal commands. Sometimes dogs become deaf with age and communication becomes difficult.

This is Rosie Gibb and Horus demonstrating sign language for deaf dogs. All of my future puppies will learn auditory and sign language! It is so sad when elderly dogs become deaf making communication difficult. (Pinning incase I ever get a deaf dog)

Im NOT a dog lover at all! BUT...this is funny! Dog shaming, this brings me much joy. SOOO glad I don't own a dog LOL

Funny pictures about Shaming dogs. Oh, and cool pics about Shaming dogs. Also, Shaming dogs.

Best of Dog Shaming…I could post several for Jake and I know of a few other dogs that could have signs too!

Funny pictures about Best of Dog Shaming. Oh, and cool pics about Best of Dog Shaming. Also, Best of Dog Shaming.

dog granny panties - I had a dog that did worse. He would dig through trash cans and show off his loot. Well, someone left a bathroom door open. He found a tampon. My sister was sitting on the sofa with her boyfriend, desperately trying to have a conversation. Dog walks in with the tampon, stops and shakes it like it is a rat. Family legend is made. Not told often because, well, really.....there is sharing and then there is SHARING, as in over-sharing. :-)

I'm sorry I jumped on the dinner guest. with your granny panties stuck on my head. 21 of the Greatest DogShaming Pics: HIDE YO' UNDERWEAR