Gravedad, Lorenzo Quinn, bronce, 67 cm

Gravedad, Lorenzo Quinn, bronce, 67 cm, deze is me al zolang bij gebleven… I love the use of negative space.

Button art…that's amazing

Button art…

Button Art: Gumball Machine I love buttons. This has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time

Minjae Lee is a self taught, fine artist. Although he uses mainly markers and pencils, he is experimenting with various mediums

Seoul, South Korea artist Minjae Lee

I really love Minjae Lee!

So amazingly beautiful. This is by South Korean artist Minjae Lee, entitled Circulation. This is NOT digital art!

"Icarus had a sister" lifesize sculpture by Masters & Munn, 3d Print Show London. Combination of traditional and state of the art sculpting techniques.

"Icarus Had A Sister" sculpture by Masters Munn who won global 'Rising Star Award' Print Show (London / Paris / NY) (via