tim tam cake yummy!!!!

Get cooking this Australia Day and cook this amazing Tim Tam Cake by raspberri cupcakes. Can't get more Australian than Tim Tams

Robert, Bindi and Terri Irwin moving Alimah the albino Burmese Python at Australia Zoo, Beerah, Sunshine Coast.

Steve Irwins Family _ Carrying on the Family Tradition. Robert, Bindi & Terri Irwin moving Alimah the albino Burmese Python at Australia Zoo. He would be so proud

Milo Cheesecake with Chocolate Crackle Crust

raspberri cupcakes: Milo Cheesecake with Chocolate Crackle Crust. I so have to make this sometime, it sounds AMAZING! Good idea to use up the last of my milo hiding in the back of the cupboard.

Dare to be Different! #steveirwin #oz #australia #hero

Steve Irwin or "The Crocodile Hunter" is a famous Australian TV personality, wildlife expert and conservationist. Steve Irwin became a household name through his TV show The Crocodile Hunter, in which he educated people about Australian wildlife.

Aussie slang

"Full as a goog" Meaning: Extremely drunk, or unable to eat any more because you are full. 'Goog', abbreviated from 'googie', comes from 'Scots goggie', a child’s word for egg. Some other Australian phrases in the same sense:

Opera House Dress-up (made out of disposable paper plates)

Transform yourself into the internationally recognised Sydney Opera House. Such a great idea for costume parties!

Anzac Biscuits

The history of Anzac Biscuits (ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) is debatable, but the most likely theory is that they were created by the wives and mothers of World War 1 troops.


A lamington is a dessert of Australian origin. It consists of squares of sponge cake coated first in a layer of traditionally chocolate sauce, then in desiccated coconut.



Damper - traditional Aussie bread made in a bush or Outback campfire.We having one tomorrow - Australia Day!