"Heroin Chicken" (Warning: Extremely Addictive)

"Heroin Chicken" (Warning: Extremely Addictive)

Another Drug Commercial... One That Might Work (Funny Video)

Heavy metal toxicity has been a subject of public health concern for many decades. Today, what are the real risks associated with lead toxicity? And what can we as individuals do to protect ourselves? Discover the lowdown on lead here!

But finding does not prove certain intestinal bacteria determine size of one's waistline

Scientists ID New Genes Linked to Belly Fat -- Findings could advance efforts to develop personalized obesity treatments, researchers say

Humane Watch, a group dedicated to calling out the Humane Society over its abuses of power and mishandling money, released an epic Super Bowl pre-game ad.

Researchers found that kids exposed to enteroviruses are more likely to develop the autoimmune disease.

Type 1 Diabetes May Be Triggered By a Common Virus, Study Suggests

Researchers found that kids exposed to enteroviruses are more likely to develop the autoimmune disease.

Study finds fat levels a better indicator of early death than commonly used BMI measure

From undeniable classics to low-brow humor, we compiled a comprehensive list of all the must-reads to tackle before your fourth decade.

Dan Rather: Science can't be a Republican issue. It can't be a Democratic issue. The future security of our nation -- and Earth itself -- depends on it.

Ignoring science isn't a Republican problem. It's an American problem.

How many times have you heard that lately from politicians who are trying to duck questions about important scientific topics like climate change and vaccines? So many times that it's even become a Wikipedia entry.

Enter the Lagostina Giveaway

Enter the Lagostina Giveaway

Home - Real Diabetes Truth : Real Diabetes Truth I listened to this wonderful gentleman speak, tons of useful information

OSU Scientists Make Progress in Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria War

Oregon State University scientists are making progress in the war against antibiotic-resistant bacteria by developed PPMO that targets the gene.