Janet Drummond

Janet Drummond

Janet Drummond
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See a picture of a home-made garden stepping stone made by Elsie Jaeger. It features a lizard design.

simple mosaics - Google Search

Mosaic flowers "grow" out of the three-dimensional pot on this wall plaque.

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Mosaics for your garden! Lots of mosaic tile ideas for the garden on this site - tables, birdbaths, etc,etc!

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Our mosaic tiles are hand cut from natural marble and mounted on mesh for easy worldwide delivery. We offer marble, granite, quartz and ceramic tiles.


A little potty humor!I just sprayed fruit scented Febreeze in my bathroom. Now it smells like shitrus.

Hahaha the accuracy ---> this happens pretty much everyday

Things Crazy Cat People Do <--- wait. This isn't something normal people do? I actually do this all the time.