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Creative Self-Care Journal

What Is an Art Journal - learn how to use simple art techniques in a blank journal for personal growth and to take care of your feelings while having fun.

Techniques Zone

Trish Bee Techniques Zone -- fabulous collection of background, stamping, card making and mixed media technique tutorials

You're going to miss me. Most of all cause we been through so much. I'm done for my own good. It's time I turn this love for you into hate in order to stand strong and not allow myself to be hurt any longer.

A part of me savored this as payback, knowing and witnessing you snap. But a lot of that setup what was to be the biggest cut of it all, losing you, losing a friend. Losing years of memories and moments.

E X A C T L Y. im such a better person I STILL DONT HATE U just dissapointed and embarrassed for you and feel sorry for you you've given up unconditional love from the biggest heart in the world

If I Treated You The Way You Treated Me. You Would Hate Me love quotes life quotes sad relationship heartbreak sad quote sad quotes girl quotes

Not good enough for one but strong enough for me and more importantly for others - Gregor MacMillan

I'm sorry you couldn't be real with me. I'm sorry you couldn't just be honest with me. I'm sorry you couldn't just talk to me. I love you with all my heart and soul. I will love you till I die.

I'm tired of dreaming, im tired of pretending im alright, im tires of feeling everyone will leave me but they always do so im done with love i cant take the pain anymore

Too sad and full of regret to do anything. Ever feel like that? Take my heart, it's broken and in a sense betrays you? Do you sometimes feel haunted by regret and despair? We all get sad from time to time, problem is when it becomes dominate.