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Picnic Wedding Seating - Change the font on the sign, and select an elegant frame, and you've got an Elegant Picnic Wedding Theme.

Take a sheet, grab a seat for outdoor movie night. Or this could be a cute idea for an outdoor picnic style wedding where the sheets/quilts are the seating for the ceremony! Time to stockpile vintage quilts.

sidewalk cafe with cheap seats and green grass

sidewalk cafe with cheap seats and green grass

Seating on pallets. This one is easy - just stack 'em! And we could fill up the spaces underneath with crap. Maybe I could make some short, wide baskets to hold the crap.

I'm still looking for cheap pallets to put a matress on and get a daybed/sofa in my living room. Too bad there's bed bugs in Montreal, making it too dangerous to salvage one from the streets.


making large signs on pallets - what a cheap and wonderful idea - rustic country wedding. And my wedding WILL have a seating plan!

Collapsible Laundry Bins as Garbage Bins

Collapsible Laundry Bins as Garbage Bins GREAT IDEA FOR PARTIES! During seasonal cleaning binges, soft-sided, handled laundry bins can double as trash cans.

DIY Smashed Metal Buttons, instructions l Christine Marie Davis Jewelry, Im using this to make a treasure chest filler, mock dabloons

Found supplies for mixed media Christine Marie Davis' smashed metal buttons patinated wth bleach.look like ancient relics!